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Menstrual Health for our Girls

Coping with menstrual flow has been a great problem for school going girls not only in Kenya but Africa as a whole. It is one of the issues that derails the education of the girl child and leads to school dropout, early pregnancy and early motherhood among girls from challenged family backgrounds. In Mbakalo Ward, three out of ten girls stay away from school during menses for lack of sanitary wear and the stigma that accompanies menstrual flow.

Gobiz Impacts

It’s not uncommon to hear about entrepreneurs who failed severally before coming up strongly to build a thriving new startup. These stories are inspiring in their own way; but to CoreHw, it’s more inspiring to hear about people who started with as low as 1000/= and are now at an investment worth 30,000/= and even more encouraging when youths who had nothing in mind about starting a business now starting up highly profitable businesses.

Smart agriculture for a healthier living

The global population is growing, food consumption rate is growing as does the desire for higher crop yield. Mbakalo farmers meet to learn the importance and implementation of one of the smart agriculture methods.

Hygiene in schools matter.

Our children struggle without good toilets at school. Toilets are often makeshift their plastic walls fall down in the wind, they overflow and cannot be emptied, and some start sinking into the ground. We believe that no child should have to survive in this condition

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