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Hygiene in schools matter.


Our children struggle without good toilets at school. Toilets are often makeshift; their walls are not stable, they overflow and cannot be emptied, and some start sinking into the ground. We believe that no child should have to survive in this condition.

The sad story is that children from mbakalo ward schools use dilapidated toilets that don’t even have doors; some were covered using a piece of maize sacs. The male children would hide in some nearby bushes to relieve themselves. This nightmare is something we want to slowly eradicate in our schools and the journey has picked up well. 


See how much of an impact the new toilet can make. On the top you can see the pathetic old toilets, they are slippery, almost full and have week walls.

Luckily, our children will not have to use them anymore, as we have built modern toilets facilitated with sufficient water for them. The toilets are made of strong walls and foundation to run for years before requiring renovations; they won’t become damaged or sink into the ground that easily

In partnership with the government, funders and schools, we want to ensure that no school in the region is left behind in provision of sanitation for all. The intervention has so far helped kibisi primary school and the parent center in mbakalo. The children feel its now safer and better with the modern toilets and don’t have to worry about hygiene.

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