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Co-Creation and the Power of Partnership in finding Local solutions.


The Power of Co-Creation and Partnership in finding Local solutions.
Ending Rabies is possible
No one organization, Individual can have all solutions. It takes a network of individuals to find a lasting solution to some issues and it can’t happen for the people but with the people.

This was best epitomised by the recent antirabies campaign in Mbakalo ward.
Boehringer Ingelheim has the solution to end rabies through its antirabies vaccine, the community members have pets (especially dogs) that have no access to vaccines due to logistical issues and the communties’ poverty. Yet there are innovations and technologies that seek to solve the delivery challenge like Zipline’s drone initiatives.

vaccine delivered by drones

Yet challenges of Cold chain affect most rural communities and therefore the Vaccibox innovation that is a solar driven refrigeration by Drop Access worked to connect the missing piece.

Vaccines stored in solar powered vaccine boxes and delivered to all the sites by Drop Access

Working with the relevant county governments (of Bungoma and Kakamega) to ensure legal support and local government ownership is crucial in ensuring the solutions are mainstreamed in their operations. Core Health and Wealth International works to bridge these gaps as a convening mechanism for the interventions. This is a process for holistic and sustainable development. Knowing where the solution is and where it is needed most and then connecting the two is seemingly harder than imagined but worth every effort there is. T

Data entry done using the shepherd mobile application shared by Cowtribe of Ghana

The Making More Health and the Systems Changer Network are global initiatives in the right direction: saving lives one initiative at a time! Together we can!

Vaccination done by vetinery officers working with the county government 

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