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The Unstoppable Tongaren Youth


Discovering your life’s purpose early in life can be a game changer for a young person. In partnership with One Hope Kenya, we CoreHW are running holiday mentorship program dabbed ‘Unstoppable Tongaren Youth’. We envision a transformed youth that will bring a drastic change to our globe

Teenage preganancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections have become a major challenge and the numbers are growing rapidily in the county. To contain it CoreHW invites specialists who come in to do  group based discussions for male and female youth on how to mitigate the challenges

An interactive session on how peer pressure has contributed to increased new HIV infection cases and drug abuse among the youth in Bungoma County

Current research by the National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and drug abuse (NACADA) indicates that Bungoma County has taken lead in alcohol and drug abuse due to porous boarders. Illicit brew such as Chang’aa has hooked a good percentage of our youth. This is something which CoreHW intends to curb through this mentorship program. We believe that  to be ‘ unstoppable’,  the youth need a type of mentorship that empowers them to resist social vices like drug abuse.

Young people take time to build networks, practice positive peer influence and share lessons picked

Holiday youth sports academy for talent identification

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