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Go Digital Kenya

education,skills development

The Go Digital Kenya Program has rolled out providing needed digital literacy in the vulnerable communities. Digital literacy sessions were undertaken by the IT Team from BI and Core Health and Wealth International NGO received tablets and phones to help in the trainings’ implemetation.

The devices have been allocated to some of our organization’s volunteers. The volunteer allocated the device holds it on behalf of other community members and is available to be used by the community as needed.

Digital Training

The digital training commenced for the beneficiaries of the devices. The setting of our activities is in the rural communities with limited access to infrastructure especially ICT infrastructure. Whereas we had only 8 gadgets (4 phones and 4 tablets), we facilitated training for 21 people to be trained to ensure more people gained access to the digital skills.

Application of the Digital Literacy

The digital training in the community has elicited excitement especially among the young people who have been more involved in the training. Most of the trainees who volunteer with our organization in different aspects have established different ways of using the devices.

Capturing Different Community activities

Different Community Trainings

Capturing opportunities for marketing of community made products: this should evolve into digital marketing platforms as the trainees sharpen their digital marketing prowess.

Tags :
education,skills development
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