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Going Climate Smart.


Our Environment Our Responsibility.

“These are pictures where we have started promoting tree planting at homes as part of our environmental management initiative. There is a huge need to increase forest cover, to provide wind breaks on farms to reduce soil erosion and to improve quality of air by increasing oxygenation,” explains a farmer.

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“In 2 days, we have distributed 2,000 seedlings to 200 families at minimal cost of ten shillings per seedling (€ 0.1). The initiative has prompted some young to start tree nurseries. We are running a campaign to have every household to plant at least 10 trees this year (5 fruit trees and 5 ornamental/wood trees). It is also a beautification initiative and a climate smart campaign to prevent desertification,”.


We’ve encouraged mother’s that apart from coming along with their children to the parent Centre, they should also come with them in these other fields to ensure that children also learn the important lessons to ensure continuity.

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CoreHW has ensured that at least every household in Kibisi, Kenya has artemisia plant as part of the prevention initiative and ornamental plants that are also medicinal.

“if you work on your little part of the Hexa Mosaic puzzle and know that people all over are working on their little bits of it, that’s what will evoke hope for global conservation and restore the precious friendly environment that we lost,” Cleophas Chesoli, team leader CoreHW says

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