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Innovating Tradition: Unraveling the Secrets of Sericulture farming and Cultivating Excellence in Sericulture.

silk farming, is an ancient practice deeply rooted in the cultivation of silk, one of the most exquisite and coveted fibers known to humanity. This delicate art traces its origins back over 5,000 years to ancient China, where it was closely guarded as a state secret for centuries. Today, sericulture has evolved into a sophisticated agricultural endeavor practiced across the globe, blending tradition with modern innovation

Charting New Horizons for more Health

In a world where innovation and adaptability are paramount, our recent Artemisia training to the medical director of Namba Medical Centre and the team leader of Wi nyarago women community CBO in Migori, Kenya emerged as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for our organization. As we reflect on the transformative journey embarked upon by […]

Co-Creation and the Power of Partnership in finding Local solutions.

The Power of Co-Creation and Partnership in finding Local solutions.
Ending Rabies is possible
No one organization, Individual can have all solutions. It takes a network of individuals to find a lasting solution to some issues and it can’t happen for the people but with the people.

Menstrual Health for our Girls

Coping with menstrual flow has been a great problem for school going girls not only in Kenya but Africa as a whole. It is one of the issues that derails the education of the girl child and leads to school dropout, early pregnancy and early motherhood among girls from challenged family backgrounds. In Mbakalo Ward, three out of ten girls stay away from school during menses for lack of sanitary wear and the stigma that accompanies menstrual flow.


One more partner is on board the Core Health and Wealth International (CHW) network. CHW partners with One Hope Kenya to raise and train leaders among children and youth. The training highlights the important place of young people in the society as depicted in the African and therefore the Kenyan context.

Groundbreaker_Mukomari project

Core Health and Wealth International has partnered with Groundbreaker to improve the physical infrastructure of public primary schools in rural Kenya for better educational outcomes.

The Unstoppable Tongaren Youth

Discovering your life’s purpose early in life can be a game changer for a young person. In partnership with One Hope Kenya, CoreHW are running holiday mentorship dabbed ‘Unstoppable Kibisi Youth’. We envision a transformed youth that will transform our globe

collaboration intensified

Today, a government delegation visited our Kibisi Gardens in our farmer communities in Bungoma county.

Gobiz Impacts

It’s not uncommon to hear about entrepreneurs who failed severally before coming up strongly to build a thriving new startup. These stories are inspiring in their own way; but to CoreHw, it’s more inspiring to hear about people who started with as low as 1000/= and are now at an investment worth 30,000/= and even more encouraging when youths who had nothing in mind about starting a business now starting up highly profitable businesses.

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